02 June 2015

Uncover the Dirt

Isn't it funny how everything seems clearer in hindsight? Do you know the issues, dirt, dilemmas that have plagued your family for generations? Have you wondered why you see patterns or themes that span generations?

There is nothing new under the sun yet we all hide our secrets under the rug in hopes no one else finds out.

What happens when you do this? You give power to that secret dirt.

Who does it help by hiding it? Absolutely no one. Not even you.

We must confess our stuff (to the right people) for the purpose of stopping the cycle. I know you are thinking this is crazy or not going to happen. I challenge you to consider it.

Generational issues, curses, or whatever else you want to call them, keep occurring because no one has drawn the line in the sand and said, "Not anymore"!

When will you get mad enough? When will you say enough is enough? Do you really want to see your kids struggle through what you did? Do you want to see them questioning and wondering what is wrong with them to find them circling the same issues again and again?

Do you realize you will cause them to be secretive about their stuff unknowingly? They won't understand fully why they feel compelled to hide it. You may never know what they struggled with and how your secret stuff could have helped them in theirs.

The thing that keeps you silent is pride. Swallow your pride and talk. I learned that by sharing my struggles, I began to take back my power, my strength, and also, our family's legacy. When you stuff it down deep, it controls you. You may not notice how it controls you but I promise you it does. The majority of mental health issues and/or physical health issues stem from the stress of keeping dark secrets hidden. We were never designed to hold it in. We were made to share and help each other. The fact is we all have some heavy burdens. Some of it is caused by our own misguided choices and other times it is out of our control.

It is hard to uncover the past but it is so worth it. Take small steps to tell your closest friends and family and gain their support. You might be amazed at the new levels of connection it brings. Eventually, you'll be able to tell just about anyone your story. You never know how that may impact others in a positive way.