31 August 2015

First week in the books!

Yesterday as we exited church to retrieve our complimentary snowballs on a particularly hot day, my DS12 was talking to another tween from youth group. They were talking about trivial things and then proceeded to compare their back to school stories. Eventually, the tween asked my son what school he was attending. As I waited in line, I was playing off the fact that I could hear their conversation when I glance at my son, standing tall and beaming with pride, he exclaimed, "I'm homeschooling!"

The other boy paused and thought for a moment before asking him if this was my idea (partly true); but, alas, my son confidently replied that it was his choice and he began listing all the benefits: sleep in, go to school in PJs (or at least sans shirt), study the subjects in whichever order he likes, take breaks as he desires, and eat snacks while "in class". This is just what he has figured out and what he deems as mentionable in the first week back to school!

It was great to hear him boast about his new school choice and the transition our family is making. It is a process not to be taken lightly. We have enjoyed most of the aspects of our curriculum choice and we recognize the learning curve it will require. We recognized this before beginning and only focused on the 4 main subjects plus the Bible curriculum. This week we will weave the extracurriculars into our schedule.

We hope everyone is off to a great first week of school!

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